Checkerboard Scarflet

I’m helping with a knitting party at Twisted in January. The party was a buy-in item at our high school booster club auction. Participants will receive yarn, Lantern Moon needles, and a lovely morning of tea and treats, as well as knitting instruction. I wanted to add a little more to the package, so I’m making stitch markers in school colors, and a pattern for a relatively simple project.

I had some leftover Louet Riverstone worsted from the Central Park Hoodie, as well as the almost perfect buttons. I needed a pattern that has some visual/textural interest, but wouldn’t be too hard for relative beginners. A lot of beginners start with an endless garter stitch scarf, but I know a lot of beginners lose interest in that endless scarf! So how about a shorter scarf? With buttons, because I have some that are perfect with this yarn?

And so the Checkerboard Scarflet was born. It’s pretty simple, just a knit/purl checkerboard pattern. Writing it was harder than knitting it!


It’s very cozy to wear. It will be great under my wool coat when it gets cooler.


It’s hard trying to take a picture of your own neck without seeing the viewfinder!

I thought about moving the buttonholes to the beginning of the project, rather than the end. But that made the beginning of the pattern more confusing for a beginning knitter. Also, I figured that if one were a relatively new knitter, the end of the scarflet would be better looking than the beginning, and the buttonhole end is the end that overlaps on top. We wants the pretty on the part that shows! So I’m leaving the buttonholes for the end. Isn’t it interesting what goes into deciding these things?

Pattern coming soon.

eta: Pattern information has been added here.

10 responses to “Checkerboard Scarflet

  1. Totally cute! Love the color and the buttons.

  2. So glad you found a way to use those beautiful buttons! I think you made a good choice about buttons holes later. Besides appearances, if I were a beginner knitter, I am not sure I’d want to tackle button holes so early on.

    I know what you mean about writing patterns. It’s one of the reasons why I procrastinate on writing up my patterns. It’s always easy for us to understand our own “chicken scratch” notes, but much more work to rewrite them so that other people would understand them.

  3. Love it! That’s a perfect use of your extra buttons and yarn! And I agree, perfect for a beginner. Love the idea of saving the buttonholes for the end. You’re absolutely right. By the time they get that far it’ll look fabulous!

  4. Love it and I agree with the button holes at the end, too. Good thinking.

  5. Just completed the Celtic Cable Neckwarmer and the buttonholes were at the end. With this particular pattern it had a tendency to want to kind of ‘flute’ the end.

    The button hole portion was what lacked the greatest in instruction for me with this particular pattern. Just as an fyi from a knitter who hasn’t done a lot of buttonholes yet. ;^)

  6. re: Mirasol Hacho

    Oh, I love the stuff. I made some fingerless gloves out of it, and want to make socks! mmmmm

  7. It looks really warm and comfortable, and an easy knit for beginners.

  8. Beautiful!!! And the patterns are hard to write up, aren’t they?

  9. Beautiful! I think it’s a perfect beginner project and fun and quick for someone with more experience.

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