Short row shoulder shaping

I finished the shoulder shaping on the back of the hoodie the night before OFFF. I love how this Louet Riverstone worsted is knitting up. Funny, because I didn’t like it for the February Lady, but it’s perfect for this sweater. (The color is not quite right but my editing software is pretty rudimentary and can’t fix it better than this.)


I’m short-rowing the shoulders so I can use a three needle bind off to join the fronts to the back, when I get there. Here’s a link to a great walk-through on Knitty on short-rowing shoulders.

Sunday was gorgeous here, 80 degrees and sunny. We went kayaking in Ridgefield, Washington on Lake River. Funny name, but it’s a very slow-moving river that flows from Vancouver Lake, paralleling the Columbia River. The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge borders parts of this river. I forgot my camera in the car, so these pictures are from my phone.


kayak kid2

The Kid had a single kayak, and the Husband and I had a tandem. This was the first time I’d been in a kayak that had a rudder; the back paddler (me) controlled the rudder by foot. It was disconcerting at first; I’m used to steering with the paddle, but once I figured it out, it was pretty nice to just paddle alternating left and right.

We saw a lot of birds, including a great blue heron. It was an awesome sight when it took off from the riverbank. We also saw fish jumping. But our favorite thing was a caterpillar. We found it swimming near the shore, looking pretty bedraggled. It looked like a fishing lure. The Kid scooped it up with his paddle, and gave it a ride on the back of his kayak until it dried off.


We were afraid it would fall off when it started crawling around, so we scooped it up on a paddle and flipped it back to shore. He didn’t even say thank you!

Marie has nominated me for a blog award. Thanks, Marie; I’m honored!


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7 responses to “Short row shoulder shaping

  1. That’s a caterpillar??? … It was swimming???

  2. What an awesome day! I’ve only done Kayaking once and it was in a pool. We never did go on the actual trip (this was back in college.)

    The CPH is looking good!

  3. Wow! Thanks! Do have to give an acceptance speech?

    I loved those caterpillars as a kid. My best friend and I would spend all day looking for them and seeing how many we could collect in a day. We never thought to check the pond though.

  4. Your knitting looks marvelous! Knit on!

  5. meezermeowmy

    I’ve tagged you – read about it on my blog.

  6. First of all, your CPH is looking extraordinary–such nice cables! Secondly, congrats AND thank you so much for the blue ribbon! I am honored and look forward to checking out the other blogs you have awarded.

  7. Thanks so much! This is really kind of you!