A quickie

Project, that is. Green mitts!


The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is this weekend in Canby, and I’m planning to go down on Saturday as a first-timer. Knitted Wit will be selling her gorgeous hand-dyed yarns there, and she’ll also be selling my patterns. I’m knitting a sample project for her booth with her yarn and one of my free patterns, the chunky piano mitts. They work up really quickly! Each one of these takes me about an hour and a half. I love this yarn; it’s a smooth plyed wool and it feels great to knit with it. The color is actually much more vibrant than this; I just can’t capture it with my camera.


Of course, I can never do the exact same thing twice, so I played with the thumb gore increases. The one on the left is increased by knitting into the stitch below, and the one on the right is a paired m1 lifted increase (this side leans right, other side of thumb leans left). I like the mitt on the left better because it’s smooth instead of stair stepped, but that’s the one I made second.

mitt incs

And since there was some yarn left, I started another freebie of mine, Baba’s Bed Socks. The pattern calls for two strands of Wool-Ease (light worsted) but this chunky yarn makes a fine substitute. Free patterns are available on the sidebar of this blog. It’s kind of fun revisiting my old patterns; it’s like visiting old friends.


Hope to see you at OFFF!

6 responses to “A quickie

  1. They look fantastic!! What a great color too! I might keep some yarn to knit these up for xmas!

  2. The color looks pretty vibrant to me. I’m trying to imagine it even more vibrant than pictured above.

    I made some simple ribbing mitts last winter and I kept the ribbing going up the thumb, which required a little more thought/planning. I like how you have made your thumb plain stockinette, it looks nice and neat that way, and I can imagine the thumb increases would be way easier to do. Why do I have to make things more complicated than they have to be? lol.

  3. I have found that the hardest part of knitting prototypes for someone else is knitting exactly what they wrote, not what they meant. I mean, that’s something I would never do if knitting for moi.

    Your stitches look lovely. Well done!

  4. I love the color…. the yarn also looks so soft! Have fun @ OFFF!

  5. I will be at OFFF on Saturday too with another first timer. I will have a raverly pin on.

    Great color on your mittens.

  6. The mitts look really cozy and soft. Have a great time at flock & fiber. I wish I was going!