May I have a drum roll, please

It’s contest drawing time. I put all the commenters’ names on slips of paper, dropped them into my tote bag, swished them around, and pulled out a slip. It was blank. Round two: Swish, pull, and the winner is Lorajean! She wins the book, Knitalong. Congratulations; I’ll make arrangements to get it to you soon. Thank you all for playing!

And because I can’t stand to have a post without pictures, I’m sharing a few more vacation pictures. (No knitting to report right now; I’ve been reviewing and editing pix, all 437 of them.)

Norman Island has some interesting caves for snorkeling at Treasure Point. This is outside, inside, and outside again.


cave lookout

treasure pt

We also hiked on Norman Island. If you stand on top of the ridge of the island, you can see the Bight (the bay) on one side and a reef on the other.




A remora hung out with the boat one day when we were moored.


And the rainstorm that came through on Thursday night made for some interesting skies. The storm went on to become Tropical Storm Fay. There are two rainbows in the first picture; the second one is very faint and above the bright one.


sunset fay

sunset jvd

Knitting content next post; I promise!

10 responses to “May I have a drum roll, please

  1. Your pictures are breathtaking!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Congratulations to Lorajean. What gorgeous vacation pictures – you must have had a wonderful time!

  4. meezermeowmy

    Le sigh! I remember well that beautiful blue sea (from Georgetown, Grand Cayman). Must go back!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Waterproof camera, eh?

  5. Sweet! I totally wanted to get this book! I’m actually knitting myself, endpaper mitts. First color work and everything!

  6. Ok no more pictures, please… you’re killing me, I so need a vacation. No really keep showing them I think they are fantastic.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous pictures. And congrats to the contest winner!

  9. Wow! The only time I saw seas that blue or my only double rainbow was in Greece – we had the sail up and I stood on the mast leaning against it looking up 100 feet.

    These are incredible photos. It looks like you spent a good deal of time with your family and taking photos so am hoping you enjoyed it and didn’t knit all the time. Remember those colors for future projects.

    Wonderful trips should be savored. Remember that while you unpack and start laundry… Dee

  10. Wow, more gorgeous photos. That water is such a lovely shade of blue.

    Congrats to Lorajean!