February in August

Now that Josephine is done, my knitterly attention has turned back to the February Lady. This Dream in Color yarn is so lovely to work with, and it smells good, too. A multi-media experience! I put the sweater on a 40 inch needle this morning, and tried it on. It’s beautiful, feels great, and it fits! The fronts *will* overlap, due to my adding 5 stitches to each side so that they’re wider than the back. I just need to decide how long to make the lace section; it’s at my waist now. Here’s the obligatory progress picture, but not on me. I fail at taking my own picture in the mirror.


I’ve been enjoying seeing all the finished Lady sweaters on Ravelry. It’s great to see how people have made this pattern work for them. There’s lots of variation! I’m in the knitalong group there, too. I’ll miss the KAL group at Twisted this week; I’m hosting the pinot and piano event this evening.

I love this shirt Sharon gave me.


Thank you, Sharon!

6 responses to “February in August

  1. That’s a funny shirt, I can think of several people who would love that. LOL

  2. I’m also loving seeing all the incarnations of the February Lady as the appear on Ravelry. I love the colour of yours!

  3. That’s a beautiful blue, your FLS looks great so far!

    Have you noticed how the amount of FLS’s in Rav increases hourly? Or at least, seems to? Everytime I check it out, there’s a dozen more. It’s awesome.

  4. Beautiful sweater. Get a teen girl to show you how to take your own picture…my 14 yr old & friends are experts!

  5. I love that shirt! Is there some where I can get my own?

    The sweater is coming along great. Do you have buttons picked out yet?

  6. autumnbriars

    That is the best shirt ever, and the sweater is looking great!