Flirting, not cheating


It’s not really cheating, is it? I bought yarn yesterday at Close Knit for my next project, the Josephine top from last summer’s Interweave Knits. I bought the same yarn called for in the pattern, which I hardly ever do. It’s Karabella Vintage Cotton, a DK weight mercerized (shiny) cotton and it’s the color of raspberry sorbet. Yum. Today I bought some new Lantern Moon ebony circulars in smaller sizes for this project. But I haven’t cast on, so it’s not cheating. Yet.

In fact, I was very diligent last night, and did a lot of knitting on the second Shetland Triangle Shawl. So much knitting, that all I have left to do is bind off.

I’m still working on washcloth samples, too. So there. I want to give a couple away with nice soap as thank you gifts, but I think I’d better wait until I can photograph them all together first. The lighting will be the same for all the pictures; always a good thing. So on I knit. But these don’t have to be done before I cast on the Josephine. I try to have a mindless and a mindful project on the needles, and these will be my two. After I bind off the shawl. Really.

Now *this* is cheating! Yesterday I bought a baffle for my bird feeder pole, to keep the squirrel off. This morning I looked out the window and saw this.


I think he’s thumbing his nose at me. Kids say he’s a ninja. We’re all impressed. But this means WAR. I’m plotting alternative disincentives.

And in other fun news, I won a contest! Sock yarn from a blog drawing at Days of Tea and Knitting. Thanks, Melissa!

7 responses to “Flirting, not cheating

  1. Your war with the squirrel reminds me of “Mouse Hunt”…

  2. That pink yarn looks wonderful, I wish it was MINE

    Too funny that squirrel, my husband would be shooting it with his shotgun, lol

  3. pdxknitterati

    The squirrel is my NEMESIS!

  4. We’re having squirrel issues here too! My husband greased the pole with vaseline (allegedly just to keep the squirrel from getting to the feeder, but I think he was hoping to catch it trying), but it didn’t seem to work. The squirrel was still somehow able to dump all the seed out of the bird feeder. Again.

    Pretty yarn!

  5. I love the yarn–I haven’t seen that before and it looks like it would be wonderful to work with. Thank goodness the squirrels in our yard don’t try to get the birdseed. We have a rodent-killing dog who keeps them away.

  6. My neighbor who is a birder, has THREE baffles over his feeder. Two are domed and the one on top is shaped like a witches hat.
    Seems to work for him.

  7. I have moved the bird feeder twice today. The first time I moved it, I saw a squirrel jump off it into the shrubbery when I came out the door to go to work. Arrrrrgh! I came home this afternoon and moved it again. The birds like the new location, and I haven’t seen any squirrels…yet.

    It’s an ongoing battle, but the cat enjoys watching the birds *and* the squirrels from the window. And it’s all about her, anyway.