Back on the bench

Today was the last day to post an entry to the Adult Beginners Forum online piano recital on I’ve posted an entry in the 8 of the 9 previous quarterly recitals, but didn’t think I was going to post in this one. I haven’t played much this year; too busy knitting and designing and blogging! But I just couldn’t stand the thought of missing another one. This morning I dredged up two very short pieces that I learned last year. They’re by Enrique Granados, from his Stories of Youth, Op. 1. The first one is Cuento Viejo, or Old Tale, and the second is unnamed, but is marked “lento con tenerezza.” I love the yearning quality of it. It was fun to bring these back, and get it in, just under the wire, one hour and 20 minutes before deadline.

Granados Medley

ETA: And I wasn’t the absolute last entry. There are at least two other entries after mine. 63 in all, I think. Nice!

One response to “Back on the bench

  1. I’d love to learn piano. I can play a little one handed piano by ear but oh to be able to really play a song, yeah thats a dream of mine.

    I’m glad you made it before the deadline.