Slap myself upside the head

So I’ve been hanging back, not posting anything, because I haven’t finished anything since the Shetland Triangle last week. Second one is going great, but it’s not done yet. What other knitterly exploits could I possibly have to blog about?

Doh! I went to the Lantern Moon warehouse sale last Saturday. I love this company. They’re locally owned, have beautiful things, and provide jobs to women in villages in Vietnam. They’re good people. And they make my favorite needles, the ebony circulars. On Saturday, they were also giving back to the community; a portion of the day’s sales went to the Grant High School Foundation.

I didn’t buy much: a handbag for me, a basket for a knitting friend, and several mini-balls of Gelato, Leigh Radford’s silk taffeta ribbon, for another crafty friend. I already have a lot of their stuff. My restraint was countered by Anna’s shopping spree; she made out like a bandit! Yes, she did buy everything you see here, and some things that you can’t see, too. Caught by the camera phone; I don’t usually take my camera shopping.


Lots of gifts, and some things for her, too. All in all, a good knitterly day, even without knitting.

3 responses to “Slap myself upside the head

  1. helloknitty

    JEALOUS! I adore the pants off of Portland. I live about six hours away, which is not too far, but just far enough that it takes a lot for me to be able to justify a trip. If I was a couple hours closer I would be there all the time.

  2. I love Lantern Moon! I have their “Tote for the Cure”, and it’s my favorite knitting bag. I’m jealous.

  3. Oh, I love that giant round basket! That’s exactly what I need to keep projects in!

    Your blog is sweet, Michele!