Entrelac socks, redux

I had tea with Anna on Monday. She’s cruising along on the entrelac socks.  The first is done, and the second is halfway there. A completed first sock means that the pattern is readable and knittable, so the entrelac sock pattern is ready to be published. It’s now available on the sidebar.


Anna says that she only knits with dirt-colored yarn. I think it’s good looking dirt! Although we prefer to say, “earth tones.” We bought this yarn at Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, Oregon during Crafty Moms Weekend in February. I bought some in variegated blues. It’s Hacho hand-dyed merino wool, DK weight, from Mirasol Yarn, spun in Peru. Yum. I’m trying to finish the Shetland Triangle shawl before I jump into another pair of these socks, but the siren song is strong.


2 responses to “Entrelac socks, redux

  1. Anna – awesome dirt! Mouse

  2. pdxknitterati

    I agree! Although I’m much more of a purple girl…