Log Cabin Baby Blanket

What Lorajean didn’t know when she proposed a group project is that the rest of her knitting group was already working on a group project…for her! She’s expecting a baby this month, and we wanted to do something knitty for her. The result is this log cabin baby blanket. :edit: pattern now available!


I wanted the blanket to be easy to knit because we have all skill levels in our group. I wanted it to have a theme. And I wanted it to be easy to assemble, since I was going to assemble it.

I wrote up directions and wound off yarn for the knitters. (I want a digital kitchen scale; my old analog one isn’t very precise!) The greatest challenge was getting everyone to knit to the same gauge. An encounter with the steam iron made the smallest a bit bigger, but you can’t steam something to be smaller! The blanket is made with Plymouth Encore, a blend of wool and acrylic, so it’s machine washable and dryable. I slip stitch crocheted the squares together and added a rolling reverse stockinette border. Hat tip to Kay Gardiner from Mason-Dixon Knitting for this easy, fast border. (The border recipe is described in the post from August 6, 2007.)


The whole thing was presented in a Lantern Moon rice basket.


I love these; they are the perfect knitting basket for a sizeable project. Lorajean is actually keeping baby clothes in several of these already.

Lorajean’s baby shower was tonight, and now she knows about group project number one! We’re still thinking about the next one.

4 responses to “Log Cabin Baby Blanket

  1. The colors of the blanket are beautiful. what a lovely thing to do.

  2. Your blanket looks great! I even purchased your pattern!! My son wanted a blank in his football team colors and I am using your pattern to make his blanket. He only has two team colors (black and orange) so I am only using two colors but I am alternating the colors to be opposit squares.

  3. I meant… he wanted a BLANKET.. NOT blank… duh and I do know how to spell opposite… geesh.. it’s too early… but your blanket is beautiful Michele!!!

  4. pdxknitterati

    Hi, Michelle!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and thanks for buying my pattern! The nine balls of Encore is actually enough to make 12 squares when using 3 colors, so enough to make 12 squares using two colors, also. I just needed extra when doling out the yarn for the other knitters in my group, because my kitchen scale isn’t accurate enough to cut it closely, so they had lots of extra. I think it will look great with alternating colors.