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Piled higher and deeper…

I woke up this morning, and realized that I hadn’t done my homework. Sounds like a bad high school nightmare, doesn’t it? But high school was long ago, and my homework was very manageable at breakfast.

swatch cake

Three swatches for Knitting Tips and Tricks with Lily Chin at the TKGA Show. I’ve always wanted to take a class with Lily, and the last time I tried, the class was sold out before I could register. This time it worked out, and I’m glad it did. She’s an excellent teacher, and I now have a bunch of new techniques, including a new cast on, a new bind off, and a better buttonhole. And the answer to “what happens when you run out of yarn in your long tail cast on?”


Thanks, Lily!

Friday I had a load of fine hemlock bark mulch delivered. I’ve never done this before, so I wasn’t sure how much to get. The expensive part is the delivery, so I ordered 3 cubic yards instead of 2 since it didn’t cost that much more. Looks manageable, right?

mulch pile 2

Maybe it depends on how you look at it. (I’ve already taken off about a foot from the outside, because it was getting run over by cars.)

mulch pile

I weeded the front and side beds yesterday, and we spread some of it this evening. There’s still about half the pile out there; I may have over-bought. But we haven’t done the left side of the flowerbed yet. I’ll put it all…somewhere. Just deeper!