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Seven essential tools in my knitting bag

I’m pretty streamlined when it comes to tools; I love things that are inexpensive, portable, and useful. Here are seven things you’ll find in each of my project bags. (I only have three project bags, so it’s not difficult to stock them with my favorite tools. Monogamous knitter? Pretty much.)

Susan Bates Universal Row Counter

It’s a row counter! It’s a stitch marker! It’s my favorite knitting helper. I use this at the beginning of my round, or one stitch into the row if I’m knitting flat. It keeps track of my rows/rounds, and I never lose it in my knitting bag because it’s always attached to my knitting. Perfect!

Clover flexible stitch markers

A row counter keeps track of your knitting vertically, and stitch markers keep track of your knitting horizontally. Marking off pattern repeats helps keep you on track before you go too far astray. These soft ring markers are simple and effective. Don’t forget to have some locking markers too, for catching dropped stitches until you can fix them!

Tape Measure

Keeping track of my progress is fun with my tape measures. The Lantern Moon sheep is my favorite. The tail comes out to measure in inches and centimeters, and pops back in with the push of a button. Cuuuuute.

Cable Hook, J shaped

A cable hook is for…cabling? Yes and no. I usually do my cables without a hook, unless the cable is wider than 3 over 3 stitches. But I find a cable hook to be very helpful for holding a stitch while I manipulate other stitches, as in a brioche 4 stitch decrease. The J shape is essential for this; it holds the stitch securely and also gets out of my way. I like the thin metal ones better than the thick plastic ones. The J hook is also great for fixing mistakes in a column of brioche, like this: https://youtu.be/bgWr2TrXvOk

Susan Bates Handi Tool

This small tool is a lifesaver! It has a crochet hook on one end, and a knitting needle on the other. It’s perfect for picking up dropped stitches, and for working tiny repairs.

Snips (kitty or puppy or octopus or…)

I mean, you could break the yarn (tough with linen), or you could use these cute snips!

Bent tip tapestry needles

You’re going to need a tapestry needle to sew in your ends. I really like the bent tip needles for scooping into my stitches. Bonus: This cute little case has a place on the cap where you can attach your snips. That keeps everything you need for finishing your project, all in one place. There’s so much satisfaction in a finished object!

These are the seven essential tools in my project bags. What do you like to keep in yours?