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Vacation. Knitting. Vacation knitting?

I went on a little getaway last weekend. I’m at the point in my design projects where I can’t take them anywhere because they involve a lot of swatching and note taking, as well as ripping and re-knitting. Not a good travel companion. I was trapped in a “what to knit” conundrum. I finally decided it would be easier to knit someone else’s design so I wouldn’t have to think, and I’d be able to converse with my friends. I chose Annis, and the lovely red Luxe B silk/merino yarn from Alpha B. But after five days away, here’s what I have to show for it.


Not much, huh? I guess that means I had a good time. I’ll tell you all about it in the next post. My question here is, why does the top of my yarn cake look like this instead of the nice criss-crossy way it looks near the bottom? I’m still new to this ball-winder thing, but it’s got me puzzled. It still pulls from the center, but it’s not aesthetically perfect.


I misread the pattern, and thought there were 18 repeats of the lace, so I brought 20 stitch markers. These don’t actually exist; they were a prototype but Lantern Moon doesn’t carry them. I just got lucky one day in the office. But there are 29 repeats of the 18 stitch lace pattern, so I had to resort to this.


Cut up bits of a straw that should have been in a mai tai! They work pretty well, except that the straw was black, and so are my ebony knitting needles. I’m home again, so I’m back to blue. And here’s my dilemma: Vacation is over, and I have design work that needs to get done. Do I even believe that I’ll get back to Annis anytime soon? Should I leave it on the needles, or let the lovely yarn go back to dreaming in its yarn ball state, in case it wants to be something else by the time I get back to it? What would you do?