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Tidy mind, tidy stitches…


“How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?”

I don’t stash a lot of yarn, so I don’t have a lot of yarn to keep track of. I like to choose yarn for each new project as I go. If I buy too far in advance, my fancies usually take me in a different direction when I’m ready to start a new project, and then the purchased yarn never gets used.

Most of my knitting stuff lives here. Needles in Lantern Moon silk needle cases, notions, a few skeins of sock yarn, UFO’s on temporary hiatus, FO’s, a basket of hand knit socks in the lower right corner, because they take up too much room in my sock drawer. I bought this shelving system at IKEA, and I love it. The empty cubby? It has a Lantern Moon rice basket of miscellaneous stuff that needs to get put away.


This is how the shelf looked last summer when I set it up, and pretty much how it looks, now. The only yarn that doesn’t live there lives in a couple underbed boxes; it’s mostly leftovers from past projects. I tend to buy an extra skein so that I don’t run out before the project is finished. Another lesson learned the hard way. It’s better to have too much than too little!

I generally have one or two projects going at any one time; more than that guarantees that something will get abandoned. I hate that. Current projects live in whichever knitting basket has my fancy. I have a lot of Lantern Moon baskets, LOL. You can see several on the shelf: the green Polka Dot Ring tote, my all-time favorite square Lantern Tote, the black fabric Gidget tote, several of the iconic rice baskets in different sizes and colors. I’ve acquired a couple more since that picture.

The Anna tote, and

the fabulous Bindi.

The one downfall of my basket system is that I tend to dump from one basket to another, so I can take the one I want on any particular day. Leftover yarn and tools from finished objects tend to stay in baskets and get dumped from basket to basket, too. It’s time for a clean sweep. Um, maybe next week. I’m blogging this week!

What about books? They live downstairs, on their own shelf. I have a lot…