Baba’s Bed Socks

Baba’s Bed Socks: I designed these for my Dad in 1998. Baba is Cantonese for Daddy. My Dad was diabetic, and his feet were cold at night! These socks have a short K2 P2 cuff, and the rib continues down the instep. The yarn is held doubled throughout, so it’s a quick knit! This pattern was my holiday gift to the knitlist in 1998.

baba's bed socks

Download the free pdf here

5 responses to “Baba’s Bed Socks

  1. Beautiful work

  2. Thank you, just what I was looking for.

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  4. Szia! Nagyon tetszenek az oldalak, az ötletek. Sokat tanulok belőle, bár néha a fordítás döcögős! Köszönöm! millió ölelés!

  5. I love this pattern! I have been making these for years and everyone loves them. I lost my pattern and just found it by googling the title. Thank you for sharing it!

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