This is what 10,000 stitches looks like

after they’ve been frogged.


Approximately 10,000 stitches. Why didn’t I listen to that little voice sooner? But I love the revised version that I’m knitting, and I think I’m back up to about 7500 stitches so far. The little voices are laudatory this time…or are they just playing me? o_O

It’s rainy and windy today, perfect for knitting. The forecasst for tomorrow looks worse. I’m teaching at OFFF in the morning, and shopping after that. I’m not sure the outdoor vendors will hang on that long! I helped Lorajean set up yesterday, and she just messaged me that they’re going to pack it in today. Some of the outdoor vendors didn’t come at all, and the one scheduled to be behind us looked around and decided not to set up. There’s still shopping inside, though, and the animals in the barn, so I plan to enjoy it all anyway.

black and white bfl, dyed

I’m kind of coveting this fiber, even though I’m not currently spinning. Isn’t it gorgeous? Black and white BFL, hand dyed by Knitted Wit. Even prettier in person.

If you’re local, I hope you had a chance to get to OFFF today, or are planning to do so tomorrow!

11 responses to “This is what 10,000 stitches looks like

  1. I feel your pain!!!! I do like the colors.

  2. Oh my gosh . . . so much sadness wrapped up in little wrinkly balls. 😦

  3. Playing me shplaying me! Frogging is fine. But then I’m more of a process knitter than a product knitter.(Oye como va)

  4. ouch…I’ve been there too. we need to listen to that inner yarn voice, I agree. 😉

    • I’m now past where I was before, but it felt like an awful long time getting back here! I do like the design a lot better this time around. I’m now trying to figure out how to finish it off. My first attempt was not proportional to the rest of the design, so I listened to that tiny voice…much sooner than last time! Only lost 2 rows….almost done!


  5. Gorgeous fibre! Yes, I too have frogged many stitches before now!

  6. Leslie A. Gordon

    10,000 stitches! Oy! That said, I just finished an entire sweater that looks totally bizarre on me. So I, too, feel your pain!