Sweater Surgery #2

The red ruffle tank. This one was a quickie. I brought it to TNNA and wanted to wear it to Sample It, but I wasn’t willing to remove the armhole and neck i-cord edgings in order to shorten the shoulders. Instead, I sewed a new shoulder seam on the inside of the piece, a half inch down from the original. I tacked the extra seam allowance towards the back. It’s not perfect, but it down and dirty worked!


I no longer fear that my bra is showing through the armholes, and it no longer feels like a shapeless sack. The waist seems to fit better, too, even though I did nothing to the shaping. I think just being hiked up a bit helped, because it ends at a better place on my hip. Here’s the original again:

ruffle tank

I have one more TNNA post to make, but it’s not done yet. I had jury duty today, and some of my info for the post was at home. I’ll post it tomorrow. Have a good evening!

3 responses to “Sweater Surgery #2

  1. Linda Shields

    Lovely tank, but you are absolutely right, the fit is so much better with the new shoulder seam. I’m amazed at the difference such a seemingly little “fix” made in the total look. Lovely! Salam wa sa’aadah

  2. I love this tank. Must put it on my list.

  3. I am so impressed. And you look so cute in both photos!