Something A Bit Different 3KCBWDay5

Self-portrait: No Idle Hands

Truthfully, I’ve been searching for my knitting mojo for the last month or so. I’m not sure what I want to knit next. I think it’s partly because I’m pretty focused on music right now. No worries; it’s all part of the creative process…

11 responses to “Something A Bit Different 3KCBWDay5

  1. Aww, what a cute photo! I love the juxtaposition of the things you enjoy doing!

  2. Great shot! I’m torn between music and crochet right now… I just got a ukulele and would seriously play all day if I could.

  3. Sweet. Music is great for the creative soul 😀 Enjoy.

  4. Love all the mitts! and I think it’s good to alternate creative pursuits. I did more papercrafting than knitting today 🙂

  5. -laughs- my old roomate told me I couldn’t take up an instrument because I crochet too much.

  6. Cute! I go through periods like that too…

  7. I love this post. very creative!

  8. I’m starting a crocheted hat for my granddaughter (test crocheting for someone) … wish me luck. The last thing I crocheted was a doily!

  9. As you know, I have been knitting sweaters like nonstop in the last month. But, it’s just “knitting.” I am still kicking around for something that has sparks…it’s there I just need time to find it 😀 Making music is great alternative. Where is the recording? I wanna hear your song 😀

  10. Underground Crafter

    Love it!