multiplying like rabbits…

These are addicting to knit!


And so quick. Korknisser by Manne. There’s still time. 20 minutes a pop. You know you want to…

By the way, I blame Glenna for sending me down this road. Check out her korknisser here!

7 responses to “multiplying like rabbits…

  1. They are addicting-

    Last year I made a wreath with them. It was a lot of fun!

  2. Yours are super cute! Merry Christmas, Michelle 🙂

  3. Very cute, but I am not getting sucked in! :p

  4. Think I may have to go to a wine making supply shop and buy a bag of corks. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  5. Working on a bag of corks over here. 🙂
    And grateful to have met you this year, Michele. Enjoy the holidays.


  6. Agreed, quick and cute and addictive. I resisted the hexipuffs craze with no difficulty, but these little guys are going to do me in for sure.