Mad Knitting Skills: 1 Up!


Knitting skills: They’re cumulative! Each new skilled learned is another tool in the toolkit, leading to another idea. What else can I do with this skill? I love that!

One new skill that I’ve learned this past year is adding beads to my knitting. Actually, I learned the basics of this at a “one hour wonder” workshop with Sivia Harding at Sock Summit in 2009, but the new skill languished until I wanted to embellish a shawl I was designing, Pacific.



I love this method of adding beads as you go. It’s a little fiddly, but you only do it when you need to. That works for me. I once started a project that began with pre-stringing a hundred beads. I didn’t like the way it felt with the beads hanging on the working yarn, and I never finished it.

In case you’re interested, I’m donating 100% of my proceeds from now until April 30 from online sales of my Pacific shawl pattern to the Red Cross for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami relief. I’m paying the Ravelry and paypal fees myself; 100% of the purchase price is going towards disaster relief. I’m hoping the gentle waves on this shawl will help bring healing to our neighbors across the Pacific.


8 responses to “Mad Knitting Skills: 1 Up!

  1. Just popping in as part of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.

    You didn’t have to prestring the beads? I’ve only added beads once, because like you, I didn’t like the weight on the working yarn. I may have to do some new research.

  2. my post today was about knitting with beads too! it was super tedious and not soon to be repeated….

  3. Adding beads as you go makes so much more sense! Your shawl is lovely. 🙂 I love the colorway you used!

  4. Bead as you go is my favorite. To pre-string hundreds or even thousands of beads and avoid taxi-ing on fine yarn, I do it with a separate silk or cotton fine thread…though my Aeolian shawl with over 2000 beads was beaded as I went. Not sure I’d do that again though LOL

  5. I love your shawl! I haven’t used beads in knitting yet, but I’ll definitely use your method, if I decide to do it. I can’t imagine stringing thousands of beads onto the yarn !!!

  6. I am just learning how to add beads as well! I am starting the Kernel scarf from I can only hope one day to knit something as beautiful as your Pacific shawl!!!

  7. It’s fiddly, but isn’t it addictive?