…but only in my head.

I’m still plugging away at my shawl, and it’s nearly done. Done enough that I’m hearing the siren song of new projects.

I bought yarn to make knitted cupcakes from Leigh Radford’s One Skein book. It was an accident. I went to look up the Baby Bolero when I was commenting on Bonnie’s post, and the cupcakes jumped out and grabbed me. I had a gift certificate at Yarn Garden, so it was easy. I was lost.


But I haven’t quite cast on yet, because I’m trying to finish the shawl.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t wind some yarn. This lovely yarn has been sitting in my stash since August 2009. I got it at Deb Accuardi’s pre-Sock Summit luncheon. It’s Knitted Wit‘s Ladies That Lunch. The springiness of the pink has been calling my name. Yes, it’s fingering weight, and I’ve never knit socks with fingering weight yarn. But what else will I do with it? I’ve had a sock design idea in my head for two years, and I think this could be the perfect yarn for it.

ladies that lunch

But I resisted casting on because I’m working on the shawl.

And then I wound this. This is also from the pre-Sock Summit luncheon. There was a different yarn with each course of the meal! This was from Abundant Yarn, which is now only online, but used to be here in Portland. Stevanie Pico was the dyer, and now she’s half of Pico Accuardi Dyeworks. The color is Accuardi Insalata, named for Deb herself, and looks like basil and tomato.

accuardi insalata

And I need a new pair of socks with some red and green in it. Because this just happened to my beloved Leyburns.


I made these with Mirasol Hacho in February of 2009. This isn’t really sock yarn, it’s DK weight merino, but I like dk/sport/worsted weight socks. They felted a little more each time I washed them, and got harder and harder to get on and off my heel.


Fuzzy! The last time I pulled them off, my fingers went through, right where the leg meets the heel. They’ve lived a long and serviceable life. But I haven’t cast on with the Accuardi Insalata yet, because I’m going to finish the shawl first.

I also have the lovely Madeline Tosh Pashmina, which will become Annis (not Caireen, as originally planned) but I haven’t even wound that yet!


Because I’m still working on the shawl…


…for now.

As you can see, I like to have one main project at a time. It keeps me honest. And makes it more likely that I’ll actually finish. Are you a monogamous knitter, or do you like to have lots of projects at once?

16 responses to “Start-itis…

  1. I’m a little loose with my knitting šŸ˜‰ hence the bin of WIPs!

  2. What beautiful yarns and ideas. I have a VK Yoga wrap almost finished. I have socks half finished. I have Leyburns planned and yarn picked. I have sweaters planned and one started. If a project stalls for whatever reason, I always have something to work on.

  3. I ran into a woman I knew from the yarn store at the car wash once. She said “I want to come by, but I’m still working on my project.” Then she said: “oh, you must work on more than one thing at a time, right?” I pointed to my bag, and I said “Yes, I have two projects here for time at the car wash!” Question answered :-).

  4. I like to have one travelling project and one main project. The trouble is sometimes I get fed up with the main project and just have to cast on again for something new. Then ofcourse there are the project designs floating around my in my head. I have had one sitting there for 3 months, one completed but not published and another in the first throws of being born.

  5. I have five socks, a shawl, an adult cardigan, an adult jumper and a baby cardigan on the needles! I don’t think I would qualify as a monogamous knitter.

    Pity about the Leyburns, can they be fixed?

    • Probably not worth fixing; they are so felted and hard to get over my heels. I know I’d just rip them again. Poor things! But I wore them a lot, and they were well-loved.

      • Linda Dawson

        You should repair the lovely socks and give them to someone with smaller feet for additional life. they deserve it!

  6. You crack me up šŸ˜€ Those sock palettes are gorgeous…and I love tomato and basil the most–maybe ‘cuz next to Japanese Sushi, Italian food is my favorite food LOL

    I have some Madeline Tosh Pashmina too. They are for a lace cardi that is due on April 1…hope to cast on later this week. Great choice for Annis, which I’d love to eventually knit…meanwhile, I’ll enjoy seeing yours grow on the needles.

    My happiest is when I seem to focus on one knitting project at a time. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about other projects…

  7. I like to focus on one project at a time. I seem to develop a rhythm doing a project that I lose if I don’t stay with it. I like to have finished projects and I keep a detailed notebook of my projects with photos. I don’t really think about starting another project until I’m done with the one in progress. Blocking is my least favorite thing to do.

  8. I always have several projects going, but I’m most successful completing anything when I stick to one and just get it done! It sounds like you are trying to be faithful to the shawl. Good luck!

    • I just figured out what I want to do for the edging this morning, so that should keep me going! I had to rip out 12 rows so I’d have enough yarn for the edging. (had to end at the end of a 12 row repeat) Ouch. But it’s better than running out of yarn just before the end!

  9. Hah! “Monogamous” and “knitting” in the same sentence should be outlawed! LOL!! Not only am I not monogamous with my knitting projects, I’m oh so indiscrete about my dalliances, too!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    That MadTosh Pashmina will make a lovely Annis! Your poor Leyburns…it’s so sad to see socks felt like that.

  10. I’ve had a shawl and sock project going on at the same time depending upon the complexity of either. I’m trying to finish up a pair of kilt hose, but had to do a few hour pause, so I did cast on a shrug for my niece while I was waiting. Then back to the kilt hose once I had my question solved. šŸ˜‰

    An idea to further the life of your socks. You could make a phone or iPod cozy of each of them. You can turn inside out and cut from the hole down then pull out some of the yarn from the foot to sew up the bottom – instant cozy! Are they wide enough in the leg to become a cozy for a coffee cup? Something to carry in your purse so you have something to slip on that Starbucks cup? Or before sewing up both ends, put some rice inside and instant hot/cold pads to pop into the microwave or freezer as needed. No need to just toss those socks! šŸ˜‰

    There is a way to mend them from my sock summit class, but if they’ve shrunk and making it difficult to wear, better to just re-purpose them.

    Good luck with your shawl it looks like it will be gorgeous!

  11. I think I might have spring fever. None of my projects on the needles right now are really calling to me – the second of the Flip Top Mittens for my husband(Well it is 80 degrees here in St. Louis today), probably less than 10 hours work remaining on my 22.5 Degree shawl, less than that on Les Abeilles. So what did I do yesterday? I got my Audrey yarn ready for Roma Shawl – in cream and thistle(light purple) it seems like spring.

  12. I have multiple projects underway at any one time. Both my attention span and my fingers require variety. *mystery shawl *3 pairs of socks*felted doll*
    *Bridgewater shawl*Paintbrush scarf*felted purse
    And while it seems like nothing gets finished, it actually does!

  13. Its not my fault – temptation is around every corner!! There are so many beautiful patterns and beautiful yarns and if I don’t have projects started for at least some of them my husband starts looking at me a little funny when another bag of yarn walks in the door. So I have taken to collecting old wicker baskets, and each holds a project with its yarn. I have baskets for a sweater, a glove/armwarmer, a sock, afghan blocks (for left over yarns), a shawl, a hat, a scarf, a vest, a Xmas present and a stash yarn project. That’s 10, isn’t it. Oh my.