ask the designer

I’m making steady progress on the ruffle tank. It’s seamed and just needs the i-cord edgings at the neckline and armholes. Here’s the back. I opted to omit the keyhole closing at the neckline.


This is my first experience with applied i-cord. The instructions in the pattern are for a 2 stitch i-cord, applied from the wrong side. I remembered seeing other general instructions in which i-cord was applied from the right side. I had the opportunity to ask Leigh Radford, the designer, why she chose to work from the wrong side, and her answer was simple: She liked the way it looked.

I decided to try it both ways.


The little bit on the left is applied from the right side. The top 3 stitches were picked up under the far edge. I didn’t like the way it left a ridge on the right side, so I switched to the closer part of the edge on the following stitches. I like the way it looks really tubular. But it looks a little heavy for the edge.

The bit on the right is applied from the wrong side. It doesn’t look as tubular or as finished, but I like it. It’s delicate and a little rustic looking. So I’ll carry on from the wrong side, knowing that Leigh likes it that way. Especially since I feel a little guilty for omitting her keyhole neckline!

In other news, my new iPhone4 is here, and I love it. It’s very intuitive. I took the ruffle tank pictures with its camera this morning because I was too lazy to go downstairs to get my other camera. Not bad, and the macro worked great. Here’s a screen shot of where the phone’s google maps app located me this evening.


It was correct, but I wonder what it would have done if I asked it for driving directions…


sunset bridge

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9 responses to “ask the designer

  1. As my cats say when they fall asleep and roll off the coffee table: “I meant to do that!” Loved the designer’s answer.

    Your shell is looking fab!

  2. I have to know. What were you were doing in the middle of the river?

  3. The shell is looking great – and I love the iPhone map – it really is amazing what it can do.

  4. I’m jealous! I’m longing to sail again. My husband and I haven’t since we were dating. We are talking about getting a small boat – I think it’s a wonderful family hobby!

  5. beautiful photos. and your tank is soooo pretty. i, too, am loving my iphone 4. the camera is so much sharper than my old iphone.

  6. Gorgeous pictures and I love the colour of the tank. Your GPS made me chuckle!

  7. OK I’ve got the 3G, Jim’s got the 3GS, and now he’ll need to upgrade. Yes, for the first time in my life I now get hand-me-downs!

    Is it a tank or vest? Looks great! I’ll be taking Pippi out soon, as it’s getting chilly in the evenings. Thanks and take care, Dee

  8. You’re way ahead of ME on the techno front…I’m slowly but surely getting there.