Car knitting

On Friday, The Teen and I went with a group of his friends and their parents to tour the University of Oregon. We had a great info session and tour. No pictures, because that would have been embarrassing, right?

Lucky me; I wasn’t the driver so I had four hours of car knitting, round trip. I didn’t want to work on my shawl, because I didn’t want to have to keep track of the pattern. And I wasn’t ready to start the April Fool’s socks yet. But I did knit all of the garter stitch band for a Quincy hat.

bslp worsted

This is Quincy in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, the color is Red Hot Passion. My sister requested this hat for her birthday. I finished the garter stitch band in the car, and finished the hat at home that evening. A one day project!

I originally started this hat after Christmas with Lamb’s Pride Bulky, but even though the yarn knit to gauge, it was much heavier than the specified Classic Elite Ariosa. I wasn’t happy with it, and it made my hands tired to knit to that gauge. After avoiding it for a couple months, I decided to start over with the thinner yarn. The worsted is a little light for this project; the perfect yarn would have been somewhere between the two. But it was all about the color; Sis wanted it to be the very red of the OXO Cable fingerless mitts (see sidebar) I designed for her Christmas present.

worsted and bulky

Here it is with the original bulky garter stitch band underneath. The first one was close to done, but I was running out of yarn, and didn’t love it enough to buy more. That’s telling. Using the worsted on a size 9 needle resulted in a slightly floppy hat, but that’s what I had on the trip. I think I may felt it down just a little. It still needs to be blocked, anyway. My hands were much happier knitting to this gauge!

What else did I do with my weekend?


I put a new trellis on the front of the house, and planted a clematis vine on it. I’m looking forward to vivid purple flowers. Our previous trellis had a climbing hydrangea growing on it, but it wasn’t happy with its newly sunny location (we took down a huge birch tree a few years ago; it was stressed after being hit by a pickup truck). The hydrangea and its trellis has gone to live at a friend’s house. Everybody wins!

What did you do with your weekend?

11 responses to “Car knitting

  1. I love car knitting!! The hat is great!

    We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn…tons of people!

  2. What a productive ride! Slightly Felted Quincy actually would look nice, I’ll bet. Picture please when done. I love to see the result. We commended to my teen just the other night that it’s impossible to get a smiley pose on her. She looks grumpy most of the time on stage??? I know it’s a teen-thing! Sometimes, I wish I can just fast-forward the next few years–but then I would hate it even more that she’s growing up too fast! Oh well…

    Clematis is one of my few favorites I dearly missed moving to High Desert from the Bay Area. I now knit them instead the real thing…so I can enjoy them all year round! 😀

    I spent way toooooo much $$$$$ in your town over the weekend…now trying not to have buyer’s remorse and hoping hubby didn’t spot the big bag I brought home from the crawl.

  3. That’s a very pretty trellis. It’s almost a shame to cover it up with plants.

    I didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy with my weekend. Choir rehearsal, work, lunch & laundry at my parents’ place… Same things I do every weekend. I did finish the first leeve on my sweater last night, though.

  4. My son is a senior and he’ll be at UO in the fall! The drive from the Bay Area is a wee bit longer than the drive from Portland, so I look forward to lots of knitting time in the years to come.

  5. We finally had some sunny weather in the Midwest, so I went for a couple of bike rides. A friend had a rowdy birthday party Saturday, and I’m still a bit tired!

  6. Its funny how much knitters enjoy a nice long car ride! I really like the hat – great color!

  7. Gorgeous Quincy!
    I’ve been doing a lot of knitting on the bus, myself 🙂

  8. I love Clematis! Great choice, it’s such a beautiful plant!

  9. cute hate, beautiful hats, congrats on having a driver and I’ll assume a good time was had by all?

  10. Pretty bleeding hearts! Mine are just coming up. Oh, and I love the hat.

  11. We got snow, and spent the weekend running wires through Jim’s car so he could listen to iPhone/iPod tunes on the daily commute. Exciting, isn’t it? But the Greater Sandhill Cranes are back, along with ducks, geese, foxes and coyotes so it’ll be an interesting Spring. I envy you for the clematis and tulips as we can’t plant for at least a month. Cheers! Dee