New year, new project

Just a small one. Or a big one, depending on how you look at it.

I’m making myself some slippers. I love this color; it’s been living in my stash as leftovers from some long ago project. Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted, the color is called Raspberry. I finished knitting these last night.


A perfect fit, wouldn’t you say?

perfect fit

Maybe not. But that’s okay. These are the French Press Felted Slippers from Melynda Bernardi; they’re just not felted yet. I saw these on the Yarn Harlot’s blog, and then on Tami’s blog, and then on Cristi’s blog. Each time was more enticing. Until I realized that these were knit in pieces, and seamed. That wasn’t so enticing.

I mentioned this deal-breaker to Cristi, and she kindly forwarded me a link to katec4b’s Ravelry project page, which gives instructions for adapting this to be knit seamlessly. Perfect. I bought the pattern, downloaded the mods, and knit away. And now the fun begins. On to the washing machine!


I’ve been doing a lot of red knitting lately. There are my sister’s mitts, and these slippers, and I’m working on the red Quincy hat that my my sister requested. This is it so far; it’s Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Red Hot Passion.

red hot passion

Unfortunately, I’m going to frog this bit, and start over. The color is perfect with the mitts, but the Lamb’s Pride Bulky is a lot heavier than the Classic Elite Ariosa. The Lamb’s Pride Worsted is a lot lighter. So I’ll refigure the gauge and use this Bulky, and see how it turns out.

I’ve also ordered some Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Black Cherry for a cardigan for me. More red. A deep, dark red. Is red my new blue? My new purple? No, it’s just red. And I like it.

bing cherry

Happy new year! What’s new on your needles?

22 responses to “New year, new project

  1. you are tempting me with the seamless slippers! I love all the red colors and your little slip on shoes you’re wearing!

  2. I intended to knit the Rose Red hat in red, but when I went to my stash green called out to me instead! You never know what color might jump onto your needles!

  3. Ah, yes…I, too, have seen the slippers. And had I known about the seaming, would have felt the same way. So why did you have to go and point out that there’s a mod for this! And why did you have to go tempting me! But I will resist a bit more. Still loving the Mal Loafers pattern and haven’t made as many of those as the felted clogs-and, afterall, they aren’t felted, so…I will work towards smacking down the UFOs instead!

    Projects on my needles? Too many, as usual! Soon to be off?-Hopefully my 2nd Kew sock! Also have the Baby Yours in progress and a FLS that are my ‘focus’ projects for now.

    • They don’t take much time….(where’s the emoticon for devil horns?)

      I have the clogs pattern, but I’ve never knit them. I suppose I should, and use up more of the Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in my stash! There’s some nice green and brown left from DS2’s unfinished yoga mat bag (was an arrow quiver, in his imagination).

      Curious to see what you’re doing with the FLS. I didn’t want the eyelets; they seemed to be a distraction. Your buttonholes look great! (I frogged and reknit the yoke because I didn’t like my first ones.)

  4. Slippers are going to be so cute!! I love the color combination.

    What’s on my needles–a thick cabled cowl in Highlander by Alpaca with a Twist–so soft! And this afternoon, I cast on for your Seafoam Socks in Frog Tree Alpaca Sport. So far I love the pattern and the yarn. I must have needed an alpaca fix 😉

  5. Can’t wait to see how they felt!

  6. My friend Ann made two pairs already–one in red with black sole and button. They are just so darn cute. Your raspberry is yummy too. I don’t care much for seaming either…have fun with them, my friend. Red is a great color. My braided riding jacket will be in RED!! Happy New Year.

  7. Hmmm…projects on my needles? Too many to count! I cast on for at least three just today!

  8. Man, I am seeing those slippers everywhere! 🙂 I was reminded tonight, as I rather lamely tried to set in some darn set-in sleeves, about just how much I hate seaming too!

  9. oh they are a hot item right now aren;t they? It’s a lot more appealing to knit them seamlessly. thanks for the link for that!

  10. I have seen the slippers all over too and I may just have to break down and knit a pair. I’m sure yours will be adorable as well! Love all the red. Does the shedding of Lamb’s Pride bother you? I can’t wear my LP Bulky sweater. Fuzzies go everywhere!

    • Lamb’s Pride is a bit fuzzy; one of my favorite sweaters is a pullover I
      made for DH about 10 years ago. It does pill. But it’s so comfortable, I
      don’t care. I also have an Enchanted Forest Aran cardi that I knit with
      double stranded LP, and it doesn’t pill at all. Maybe it has to do with how
      tightly it’s knit?

  11. Love that Black Cherry yarn. It’s a very flattering color, a red with the “edge taken off”.

  12. I have a pair of Melynda’s mary jane slippers which she made to match a hot pink and orange hat. It is quite the combo.!! She is very, very nice.

  13. I finished 2 pairs of slippers (will blog soon??) & *love* them – they are destined for the gift basket – I’ll make a pair for me soon. I hear you regarding the seaming – I’m going to try the no-sew mods soon. Yours look great!

  14. a couple of quick little scarves for some friends I will be seeing soon. not sure when, so i am knitting like the wind!!

  15. They are popular at the moment, aren’t they. Yours look beautiful. Will be fun to see them felted.

  16. The funny thing is, I am also making some of those slippers, but I hadn’t seen them on any blogs when I started… Must have just been something in the air! But I’m also stuck on the seaming.

  17. I love that yarn and I can see knitting those slippers if they were seamless. Maybe.

    I’m working on Romi’s Love Squared. After that, I have no idea what I’m knitting. o.O

  18. I have got to make those slippers, I’ve been stalking them on Ravelry. I even have the yarn, really I have to start them. But right now I’m making pedicure socks for my daughter’s friend.

  19. I love felted slippers. They look absolutely enormous, and then, suddenly… they fit! It’s magic.

  20. I love all the red! Maybe red is the new black.

    I am not going to talk about or look at the slippers cuz I can’t knit a pair and wouldn’t wear them no matter how cute they are (uggs are my idea of slippers)