SEA-PDX yarn train 2011

We interrupt this TNNA blog-fest with a report on the Seattle to Portland Yarn Train Yarn Crawl.

urban fiber arts

I started my day at Urban Fiber Arts, Cindy Abernethy’s shop. It was full of happy knitters. Susan Stambaugh of Abstract Fiber was there, and she brought spinning fiber in a new colorway, Urban Joy, in honor of Cindy’s fairly new shop. Gorgeous!

Urban Joy

The PDXKnitBloggers/PDXSpinnerati were out in force, too: Karen’s mom, Karen, Judy, Bobbie.


I met Kathee of Kathee Nelson Art Yarns, and she showed me some of her pretty fiber.

Art Yarn

I ignored the siren song of the cupcakes at Cupcake Jones (a coupon!) and went over to Knit/Purl next. There were lots of happy knitters there, too. I actually ran into my across the street neighbor who teaches there, too. Hi, Judy! And I saw Jared Flood’s yarn, Shelter, for the first time. The colors were deep and luscious.


After Knit/Purl, I went to Starbucks across the street, and found more PDXKnitBloggers: Camille, Kathy (also a Turkish Delight spindler), Angela, Rachel, Tami. Please note that Tami’s shirt and shawl are raspberry, not pink.

starbux pdxkb

We were discussing where to go next, and talking to the yarnies at the next table, who wanted to know how to get to Yarn Garden. I offered to drive them, and I assured them that I was not an ax murderer. Norma, Sandi and Anna trusted me, and we went to Yarn Garden, where they had a good time.

yarn garden

We also went to Happy Knits, and Twisted, because Sandy wanted to see Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, up close and personal. She got her wish! And she definitely got some yarn, too…


OT: Interweave Knits is offering a free download of 7 hat patterns here.

18 responses to “SEA-PDX yarn train 2011

  1. What a fun busy day! I’ve never been to happy knits. I’ll put it on the list!

    • Great photos, Michele! Wonderful to see more happy faces and gorgeous yarn. It was also great to see you at Twisted, wearing your wonderful Infinity scarf. I’m so glad I finally l made it to a Yarn Train crawl; the entire day was a blast!

  2. What great pics Michele! I thought about you all this weekend. The annual Sea-PDX Yarn Train is famous, I found out! Visited two yarn shops in Pasadena, and they know all about our yarny exploits up here in the Pacific N.W.! Looks like everybody had a great time. I couldn’t help but notice that in the first photo, the lady in the yellow scarf & black jacket is holding Stitchjones Crimson 🙂 it’s true, I have no shame!

    • I’m sure that you went to the Pasadena knit shop that my Aunt Rose and cousin Sandra frequent! There can’t be that many yarn shops in Pasadena…it’s not Portland, right? ;-p

      Your yarn is so pretty! Haven’t decided what to do with Constellation; my first idea wasn’t the right one. But that’s the fun of designing with pretty string…I get to do it again…and again!

  3. What a fun yarn crawl! One of these days I have to get to the Pacific NW!!!

  4. How fun! You have some great shops and knitters out your way. I love to see knitters wearing their knits – so many lovely shawls! I am itching to get some Shelter – love Brooklyn Tweed!

  5. You are all trying to kill me! I simply cannot get to Oregon more than twice a year – my boss cannot understand that I want to go to portland for a “yarn crawl”. She already has a hard time with “black sheep gathering” and “Oregon flock and fiber” I wish I was there with you.

    Now if you help me come up with a way to convince my two sisters and their families and my son and his family that we should do a migration to Oregon and then I can talk my boss into letting me work remotely all the time – I could participate in these adventures.

    Thanks for letting me be there with you vicariously. It seriously looks like you had fun.

    I miss all of you – see you at BSG in June.

  6. Wonderful pics of a wonderful day Michelle. Thanks for sharing. I was so disappointed to miss the trip this year and I’m totally coveting everyone’s stash acquisitions! We were 212 knitters this year – record numbers!

  7. I missed the train!!!! So fun…and I want myself some of Shelter next time I’m in town. Last two are few of my favorites in Portland. It’s so sweet of you to drive them.

    Thanks for the free hat pattern link.

  8. I do envy you, sounds like you have a plethora of yarn stores. I agree with your other readers, wish I could come up there for a yarn crawl, but the travel expense would kill my yarn budget for several years, so I’ll just have to live it through your blog. – Sigh

  9. PDXKnitterati is truly one of Oregon’s “finest” and the best yarn crawl chauffeur a knitter could ask for! She drove us all over Portland. We are ever so thankful. Portland is lucky to have you. A special thanks for that little trip to Twisted. I am still fondling my Blue Moon Fiber! I am such a lucky girl. And so are you. Portland does fiber well. So, many fine yarn stores. We are going to have to stay over next time. There are just to many to fit in one day…..And I would have to agree that shawl is Raspberry. =) Again Thank You so much. Sandi!

    • Thank you for the kind words, and for the thank you card, too! What a nice surprise. I look forward to using it. Yarn Garden has a special place in my heart, since part of it occupies the former spot of Michele Beauty Salon (my uncle’s shop in the easternmost storefront, way back when).

  10. P.S. I am stealing that picture of us in front of the socks that rock…Thank You!!! …hugs

  11. So bummed to have missed the fun – I had originally planned on being able to catch the last half of the day, but with it being my daughter’s last day in town before returning to college in Boston – it just didn’t work out. Sigh. Next year!

  12. OMG! I dropped into Knit Purl after my hair cut on Saturday, not realizing that there was a yarn crawl going on…oy!!! So many people, so little yarn left! 🙂 🙂 Your day sounds fabulous!!

    Isn’t that Shelter yarn wonderful!?! 🙂

  13. very nice shop I love your shop , I wish to go there .
    your shawls very beautiful