Portland Yarn Crawl this weekend

There’s a mega-yarn event happening this weekend in PDX. It’s a yarn crawl, with sixteen local yarn stores involved. There’s a chance to win an amazing goodie basket (a Lantern Moon basket filled with yarn, needles, books, wool wash, patterns, not sure what else was in there) from each of the stores involved. And a scavenger hunt! The theme of the hunt is “Hats off to Local Designers,” and I have a hat somewhere in the hunt. Go find it!

The event begins this Friday, March 5, and runs through Sunday, March 7. You can find more info about the event at PortlandYarnCrawl.com. You know you want to.


8 responses to “Portland Yarn Crawl this weekend

  1. I so want to come but it’s such a hectic week with my teen performing at the District Solo Ensemble on Saturday…she has rehearsal with the pianist and her flute teacher practical every day up to Saturday. The driving has been killing me. Then, guild night out tomorrow, quilting retreat and class through next Tuesday. Actually, now that I spell these all out…I really wish I can be at the Yarn Crawl!!!! Have fun. I know you will. And wish you luck in winning that Lantern Moo goody.

  2. morewithles

    How fun!!! (I mainly can’t believe you have 16 local yarn stores!!!)

  3. I’m glad you are being represented! Good job!

  4. Yet another reason to move back West… have fun!

  5. I know I want to! A bit far for me though. Have a great time!

  6. Man how I wish I could be there with you all:( Oh well… there is no way I can swing it this year. Soon though! I need to save my money for August:)

  7. Sounds like fun – hope you had a good time!

  8. Why oh why can’t I live in a cool area like Portland??? I would love to join you!