Dizzy, my head is spinning

Are you old enough to remember this song? Apparently I am! But it was an oldie when it first came across my radar. Honest.

Here’s my first yarn! The fiber is Shimmer, 80% merino, 20% tussah silk, from Knitted Wit. The colorway is Hydrangea.


I did the shoebox lazy kate, but my center pull ball didn’t want to pull smoothly from the center. It kept tangling around the knitting needle because the outside yarn was wrapping around the needle in the opposite direction. I ended up putting the knitting needle up through the box and using it like a flagpole so it could unwind over the end of the needle. Whatever.


Plying seemed to be pretty straightforward, and the resulting yarn isn’t wackily twisty at all. I don’t know if it’s true, but it seemed like the twist of the single was untwisting itself into the twist of the plying. Is that what makes the whole thing balance? I just let them twist together, and if it didn’t go twisting back on itself in one direction or the other when I took the weight of the spindle off it, I considered it to be ready to wind off before plying the next bit.


I haven’t washed it or thwacked (!) it yet, but I will soon. I have some blocking to do for a friend, so I’ll use a packet of soak for all of it.

plied skein

And apparently I’m a spinning fool. Because look what I’m doing now. Dizzy…

rose city

This is more Shimmer from Knitted Wit. The color is Rose City, and I love it!

rose city 2

17 responses to “Dizzy, my head is spinning

  1. Beautiful colors!

  2. Halfway Crafter

    Like a whirlpool!

    Do I sense a new obsession coming on here?

  3. Gorgeous!! You’re really making me want to try this!

  4. Great job! I don’t always thwack my finished yarns. It depends upon how much over twist is still present after its hot water soak.

    Just took some wensleydale out of the sink and there was just a little over-twist there, but I have it drying around the back and arms of the patio chair. I think it will be fine. No thwacking needed. šŸ˜‰

  5. GORGEOUS! I’ve been spindling, too! Nartian just gave me some roving from A Verb for Keeping Warm (belated b-day gift) so I spun some of it up. Had to try it, dontcha know?

    I hate doing the plying cuz I have no idea what I’m doing and hate all the tangling. So now I ONLY Andean ply! (Yes, everything I spin is only two-plied!)

    Love that Knitted Wit!

  6. Congrats on your first plying. It looks great!

  7. It looks gorgeous! Such pretty colors!

    By the way, thwacking is my very favorite part of the plying process! šŸ˜‰

  8. beautiful! very impressive. Come by tomorrow if you need more fiber. I’ll be at the house too if you can’t make it to the market.

  9. Beautiful yarn – congrats on your first skein of yarn!

  10. You might be hooked now! Love the colors of both! Great job on your first skein!

  11. Gorgeous! I’m glad you’re enjoying the spinning; it’s so much fun! On the plying question, when you ply, the singles will tend to “relax” or untwist a bit, but so long as you’re making sure to ply in the opposite direction you spun your singles you should be fine.

  12. That looks fabulous. Your First Yarn. I’m almost there, the first week of the semester seems to have slowed down my spinning.

  13. You are so good! That is an amazing first yarn! Well done!

  14. Your yarn looks beautiful….congratulations!!!! I think I’ve only plyed once in my life…again I’ve tried but my heart and hands just want to knit.

  15. I don’t know anything about spinning, but I think those colors are lovely! Well done!

  16. I think you might be addicted to this new hobby of yours. lol!
    The yarn is gorgeous!