Taming of the short row

I knit my first short row heel.

sr heel

What I didn’t know ahead of time was how shallow a short row heel on 50% of the leg stitches would be. This made the leg of my sock a lot shorter than I intended, and the heel didn’t fit all that well, either.

What I did like was how tidy looking the heel was. I used this tutorial to do the short rows without wrapping and turning, and I really liked it. Here’s the knit side.

sr knits

And here’s the purl side.

sr purls

No gaps. The sock was too short, though, and I didn’t like the fit of the heel, so I ripped it out, and did the same style of heel on 60% of the stitches instead. That felt a lot better, except I short rowed too far, making the heel cup too long, and the heel ended up with a little balloon of fabric on the end. I tried to ignore this, thinking that it would be fine when the foot was done and pulling on it, but alas, it was untrue. I was all the way to the toe shaping when I finally faced this fact. Now I’m here, again.

try again

But as is so often true with my knitting, I’m hoping that the third time’s a charm.

I did decide to put the beginning of the round at the back of the leg, where I wouldn’t have to see that I goofed the stitch pattern a bit. If you don’t see it, I’m not telling you where it is. If you do see it, it will be our little secret. Shhhhh!

In other news, Mookie has adopted the log cabin blanket. She really likes it.


And I figured out how to turn off the infra-red auto-focus assistant, which means she doesn’t have devil eyes in this picture. Yay, me!

For those of you who are local in PDX, and on Twitter, here’s a Twitter contest with some interesting prizes. The contest is on Friday, January 23. Some of the prizes are already listed on the blog, and the rest will be listed this week. Good luck!

22 responses to “Taming of the short row

  1. Nice work! You have way more stamina then I do. I went through a very similar process this weekend, but after ripping back my heel for the second time, I cast on a shawl. At the time it seemed very logical.

  2. Oh your heel turned out so nicely. I’ve just done my very first short row heel too and even though it’s tidy there are a lot of gaps. I think I’ll follow that tutorial for the next one.

  3. Your perseverance has paid off! It looks like you are on your way to a great short row heel. (I need to try that – it looks so tidy.)

    Love those kitty eyes!

  4. Those cat eyes caught my attention immediately, and after some hard searching I think I found the slip up, but omg never would have seen it if you didn’t say anything. How did you manage to find it, LOL.

    I LOVE this pattern by the way, I have seen it around. I NEED to knit some socks for me.

  5. Mookie is a doll! That is a great photo. And that log cabin has me wishing I made myself one… All of my blankets are made for others.

    We make a lot of jook here, too, especially now that it is cooler. My inlaws think it is funny that I insist on taking the Thanksgiving turkey carcass every year. No one is allowed to throw it away, because it turns into the next day’s jook.

    Ah, with all this talk of bak tong go, I need to make some soon, perhaps in time for Chinese New Year. I’m craving it now!

  6. Very impressive. I’m off to the site. My short row heels look horrible!!!! I’m ready to try one that might be successful.

  7. You can tell Mookie is saying “this blanket is all mine Momma!” with her eyes.

  8. Knitty Gritty plays on HGTV in the middle of the night on Fridays. This last week they had an episode with Cookie A and her Twinkle Toes socks.

    She showed how she does a short row heel. She does a YO instead of a wrap. But silly me, I deleted the episode thinking they would show that on the website. They don’t. Second time I’ve been burned by that show. The last time was when Marnie was on with her Lake Park gloves and she did the fingers by double knitting them.

    Judy Becker has narrow heels I think and has a favorite heel method, is that why your short row wasn’t working for you?

  9. The short row is looking good!! Me, I no likey the short row, but I deal 🙂

    Love the picture of Mookie!

  10. Very nice photo of Mookie!

    Since I’ve only just started socks, I need to get more comfortable with the heel flap before moving on to other types. But that short row heel sounds intriguing … does this mean you don’t have to pick up stitches?

  11. I think your short row looks very good but I’ve never liked the fit either. I believe it has something to do with my Fred Flinstone feet. I must stick to my flaps if the socks are to stay on correctly. And I can’t find the mistake so it mustn’t be much at all.

  12. silencepainter

    Your short row heel looks great, that is something I need to try!

  13. I love the picture of Mookie! Awesome capture!

    Your socks look great! I’m glad you’re taming the short row heel. I’m sure the third time will be the charm!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  14. You have so much more patience than I do! I want all my knitting to be just so, but all the ripping and reknitting to get my socks just the way I want them makes me batty. Don’t they know they’re supposed to knit up right the first time?

  15. Very nice heel – you have a lot more patience that I would have. Thanks for the tutorial link – I really want to learn how to do short row heels – the only time I did it was terrible. Great picture of Mookie – gorgeous eyes!

  16. Oh my, it looks great, and I can not even see any mistakes. (Mind you I looked VERY closely…) I have not made socks yet, I’m just afraid I will never wear them… I don’t know if I’d be able to put such a pretty sock in a shoe! Plus the construction seems so difficult…I don’t know if I would have the patience like you did! Haha

  17. Your heel looks great! I wonder if the fit feels off since the # of stitches is different than a ‘typical’ sock? 25 vs. 32? At least for me – I’ll try this method again – my heels don’t look so good, still. I wish I could remember how I did the short rows on other socks that turned out okay.

  18. Wow, that sock looks beautiful! It sucks you have to redo-it, but I’m sure you’ll get it perfect this, the third time! 😉

    And I love your Mookie… what a cute kitty!!!

  19. Gosh, those short rows are so neat! I’ve never thought of working it over more stitches, that’s a great idea!

  20. The socks are really pretty, I love the colors. Also your kitty had lovely eyes. Cats do find the most comfortable places to rest.

  21. aaaah, Mookie! Great/fast work. Whatever you do, don’t give up the blankie! >^_^<

    Those short rows can be tricky. Especially since this pattern is knit on kinda odd stitches. Hope it works for ya this time! I LOVE short row heels!

  22. No devil eyes? I’m going to send my FujiFilm Finepix S700 to you so you can program the eye thing for me. Actually Jim can probably do it but he’s on a plane to Atlanta for an interview.

    I can love your cat long-distance. Can’t have one because of Jim’s allergies. I’d love to move to the country as strays will find me right away and I’ll have my own outdoor kitties. Hope all’s well with you and yours, Dee