Judy’s Magic Cast On

It’s magic! It makes a beautiful toe, no provisional junk to deal with. I’m making a practice sock with some Louet Gems that I had on hand.


The stitch pattern is “oblique openwork” from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks. I haven’t decided what kind of heel to use yet; I think I want a heel flap with heel stitch on the bottom of the heel, because that’s where I tend to get holes. I’d adapt Wendy Johnson’s gusset heel for that. But I could make this sock into a total learning experience, and learn to do a short row heel. We’ll see.

Here are close-ups of the toe:



So far, I like the sock, but I’m not absolutely sold on toe-up. I can see using it if I had a limited amount of very special yarn, and wanted to maximize the length of my socks. But I find it a little discombobulating to be working the stitch pattern on just the instep, and stockinette on the sole, when I’m just learning the stitch pattern. It’s easier for me to learn it if it goes around, and around, and around the leg.

7 responses to “Judy’s Magic Cast On

  1. Make your decision about toe up once you get past the heel – that’s where it got me.

    The color of that yarn is gorgeous!

  2. The sock is gorgeous! Your cast on is perfect too!

  3. Still not ready to try toe up, maybe I’ll wait for your final verdict

  4. Beautiful work and yarn!!

  5. I learned that cast on at sock camp and I love it. Really nice job on the sock.

  6. Dawn R. Hadfield

    Did you do the cast on with DPNs? I learned on them and am not comfortable with circs. Is the cast on different with DPNs?

    • Cast on is exactly the same with dpns. I love dpns, and don’t use circs for socks. (two circs, magic loop, eww) You just have to fiddle a little when knitting that first row so that you don’t drop your stitches off the non-working needle. Enjoy! It’s a really cool cast on, once you get the hang of it. I’m still a die-hard cuff down socker, though!