It’s all about the sox

I bought these shoes about a month ago, and couldn’t decide if I liked them. Today I gave them another chance. I’m glad I did.


Yes, it’s true. I bought clear shoes for my socks. I made these socks eons ago, and don’t wear them much any more, but they went with my shirt today. If you’re going to pick socks that match your shirt, why not go all the way and let people see them?


I think they’d look even better with dark socks, but this will have to do for now. Side view, in case you just gotta know.


Josephine update: After 15 rows of Josephine in the round (that would be about 3800 stitches), I realized that I was nowhere close to making gauge. I think I knit looser in the round than flat, because my flat gauge swatch was close to correct. Ripped the whole thing out, and now I’m knitting Josephine in pieces, flat, on US size 3 needles. The pattern enticed me by recommending size 5 needles, so I bought the yarn, full of confidence. I’ve never knit an entire sweater on 3’s, except for a baby. This is going to be a long knit! But it’s really pretty.


jo up close

In other fun news, I went to the Lantern Moon trunk show at Twisted on Friday. I bought this bag. I use their silk taffeta bags as project bags inside my big knitting bag, but what i really liked about this one was that it cinches closed. No lost pieces of project!

project bag

I also won a green tote in the raffle. I feel lucky!



7 responses to “It’s all about the sox

  1. Nice tote! Great win. 🙂

    The shoes look great with those socks! They are comfortable aren’t they?

  2. helloknitty

    I have a similar pair of Sketchers, except mine are black and not plastic. I love them!

    That tote is fab!

  3. Those shoes are great! After putting the effort in for the socks they should be visible to all. 🙂

  4. What great shoes for showing off socks! Are those Sketchers? They look a little like a pair of (non-transparent) shoes my friend has.

    Love the tote.

  5. autumnbriars

    I have to ask about the shoes, because I’ve been coveting a pair of clear Converse to show off my handknit socks. Is the plastic actually comfortable? It doesn’t suffocate your feet?

  6. The shoes are actually pretty comfortable; the uppers become more pliable when worn. I was afraid they’d be pinchy, but they’re not. And they do have ventilation holes in them. I thought about the Converse, but I’m not really a sneaker gal, and they cost twice as much!

  7. I just saw that green tote at KnitPurl tonight. I covet.