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TNNA inspiration

Last Saturday and Sunday I walked the floor at TNNA. Lots of yarn and needles and bags and designs and more to see. I don’t have a ton of photos from the floor, because cameras are technically not allowed, but here’s a rainbow from Bergere de France. (I had met Vincent the night before, so wasn’t shy about asking for a photo!)


The Lantern Moon booth was beautiful, as planned, and the butterflies all stayed in their places (hooray).

booth busy



The Pico Accuardi booth had a woodland theme, complete with its own pixie.

PA new

PA fairy

baby o nest

BTW, his sweet hat is a felted creation by Sarah at Attitude Hats.

I took a few mini-session classes. The first was on social networking, led by Erin Slonaker, editor-in-chief of Yarn Market News. One thing that she told us about that I’d never heard of: Pinterest. It’s like bookmarking, but publicly, and it’s very visual. You can make beautiful pages of things that interest you, and share them. Erin talked about things going viral via Pinterest. Go look! Here’s Erin with the YMN cake at Soho Publishing’s Sunday reception. You may know her as the designer of the Leyburn Socks on her Pepperknit blog.


I also took a class on blogging/social media with Benjamin Levisay (CEO) and Kimberly Reynolds (social media director) of XRX, Inc. Their point? Do it! But don’t stress about it. They said that a company should have four things in the social networking world: blog, Facebook, Twitter, and a Ravelry page. We’re getting there…I need more hours in a day.

I had two mini-sessions with Trisha Malcolm, editor of Vogue Knitting. One was on teaching, and one was a color forecast for spring/summer. I’ll tell you about the colors later, when I can take a picture of the color card. So gray here in PDX this weekend, and I haven’t been home during the day.

Lantern Moon had a champagne punch reception to celebrate their 10th anniversary TNNA show.

champagne reception

The team from Soho Publishing brought us a cake!

cake ladies

cake dudes 2

Jess, Casey, Sarah, and Mary-Heather from Ravelry helped us celebrate.

mh and m

I love Mary-Heather’s shawl, and I can’t remember what it is. I tried looking at her gallery on Ravelry, but couldn’t find it. Do you recognize it?

mary heather

Kristin Omdahl (far right) came by to showcase her new book, A Knitting Wrapsody. She had some friends model samples of a few of the designs. They are really lovely. The book comes out next month, and it looks great. Best feature: it comes with a dvd to demonstrate less familiar techniques. What a great idea.



You can see how I was wearing many hats at TNNA last weekend: blogger, LM blogger, designer, LYS teacher! One last cool thing: Unicorn Books had a book signing/giveaway almost every hour. It took me a while to figure that out, so I just ended up with two. I’ll tell you about them later, after I can take a picture or two, and maybe even get a chance to sit down and look at them!

This weekend? The Day Old Pastries played at a MLK Workday and Celebration for the Portland Backpack Lunch Program. It was a fun gig, and that’s another hat for me!

More Friday at TNNA

I went through the pictures on my camera, and realized that I didn’t quite finish Friday. You can see the Lantern Moon part of it over at the Lantern Moon blog. And here’s the rest of *my* Friday story.

After set-up, there’s a frenzy known as Sample It. Vendors can sell special samples at this one hour event. And it goes fast! There was lots of fun stuff to look at. I didn’t buy any yarn. It was close a couple times, but I kept thinking of all the yarn that was waiting for me at home. And you know I don’t stash…much.

Our friends at Pico Accuardi Dyeworks and Knitted Wit were there with Baby O.

PA sample it

And so was Carrie of Irishgirlieknits! She designed the cowl she’s wearing, and you can see it in the poster in the upper left corner, too. She was in the Kollage booth; they were using her pattern to promote their new Recycled Blue Jeans yarn.


Later on Friday evening, there’s a fashion show. Joel introduced the fashion show, wearing the cutest accessory ever. By the end of the evening, Baby O had his own fan club.

Here are a few of the thing that caught my eye in the fashion show.


This is the Birgitta shell, designed by Marly Bird in Lhasa Wilderness by Bijou Basin, a 75/25 Yak/Bamboo blend. Very soft. Bijou Basin Ranch raises yaks to sell premium yak fiber products. I fell in love with their Mahika Beanie kit by Anne Lukito at Sample It, too. And they’re really nice people.


Look at this dress! This is Brompton, designed by Kim Dolce in Universal Sensational. I love the lines and colors of this piece. Doesn’t it look fun to wear?


I think the cardi on the left is Manana by Kim Barnette in Classic Elite Sprout. I think. Simple, with a nice border.

great adirondack

These pieces are from Great Adirondack Yarn Co. They have much more color than I usually wear, but I love how the color highlights the geometric action on these three pieces.


Lantern Moon’s Bali Weekender bag was in the show, too. I really want one of these; it’s even prettier in real life.


And this was my favorite piece in the show. It’s the Warren 2-Way Jacket designed by Irina Poludnenko in Tahki Ripple. This yarn knits up into a really interesting fabric; it’s kind of crisp and kind of stretchy at the same time. It’s thick/thin, and very textural. It must be new, because I don’t see it on the Tahki website yet. The jacket can be worn this way, long, or flipped upside down and the fabric that gave it length becomes a big shawl collar, and the previous collar becomes a short jacket. I saw it at the Tahki Stacy Charles booth, and even tried it on.



I love the little fishtail at the center back.



I’m not sure I like it as much short, but it would really depend on what to wear with it.

And that was Friday. More to come…

Friday TNNA report: The fun begins

I went to the TNNA trade show with Lantern Moon, and it was busy, fun, mind-blowing…the list goes on. I went wearing four hats: LM blogger, PDXKnitterati blogger, designer, yarn shop teacher. I was inspired in all of these aspects of my fiber life! We went down to Long Beach on Thursday, and landed during a gorgeous sunset.

The Lantern Moonies (10 of us) all stayed in this house across the street from the beach. It was much more congenial than staying in a hotel. And you really get to know your fellow Moonies when they’re also your fellow roomies!

On Friday I helped set up the LM booth.

I visited my friend Lorajean and her baby O. Pico Accuardi Dyeworks was there, and they were also distributing her yarn line, Knitted Wit.


And at the end of the day, it was time to kick back with some knitting!

There were some knitting lessons for two new knitters…more on that later.