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Snow days = knit days

We’ve had quite the snowy weekend in Portland. It started on Thursday, and it’s melting today, Monday. Portland is not known for its ability to deal with snow. It doesn’t snow that often here. It’s not cost effective to have a lot of plows that we’d rarely use, so it’s best to just stop and enjoy the snow.


If you really have to get somewhere, you can always use your skis. These are my 30 year old skis and old school three pin trap bindings. And my Pippi hat.


I did a lot of knitting. I finished a shawl (post coming soon), blocked two shawls, and knit an entire hat. This time I used 3 colors instead of four, and I like it.

Pippi for Carole

I made sure there was food and water for the birds.

bird feeder

song sparrows

Everyone I met this weekend had a big smile!

happy hour snowman

Fun to have a winter wonderland.


And now the big melt is on.

How was *your* weekend?

Snowing…warm head, warm hands

It’s snowing in Portland, which doesn’t happen often.

snow day

I actually wore a hat today, which doesn’t happen often, either. It’s all about the hair, you know.

Pippi 2

This is my Pippi hat, and I love it. I designed this hat during a snowy week in Portland in 2008. DH said I looked like Pippi Longstocking in it, and so it was named.


My current Pippi isn’t either of these colorways, but it’s too dark to take a picture. Suffice to say it coordinates with my jacket. Do you like it? I think you should knit one, too, so I”m putting the Pippi hat pattern on sale for 20% off through February 14. Consider it a Valentine’s Day offering! My Hugs and Kisses Fingerless Mitts pattern is also on sale. Both of these patterns are $4 instead of $5 through Valentine’s Day. If you want both, please make two separate transactions; I can’t get the Ravelry cart to discount both in the same transaction.

oxo 2

Now go be cozy and knit!

Warm woolies, happy feet

I finished my Ukrainian Socks last night. Here they are, unblocked.


I used an afterthought heel, so the heel is basically another toe. It fits well. It should, because it took three tries to get it right.


Feet are the best sock blockers!


And I have happy feet. I wore these to work today, in snow boots.


Worsted weight socks, adapted from Ukrainian Socks in Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. Knit from stash yarn, KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, and US size 5 dpns.

I really like how these turned out. But there were a million ends to weave in! So my next socks will have fewer colors. I’m considering the Finnish Socks from the same book, adapted again for worsted weight yarn. Did I just say “next socks?” Me, the non-sock knitter? Hey, it’s cold out there!



bird bath

What’s wrong with this bird bath?