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plum busy

September brings plums, and plums mean jam; at least for me. Last year I made 20 jars of jam with the bounty from Vickie’s tree. But I gave away too much at Christmas, and by March I was out of jam. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for this year’s harvest. Unfortunately, Vickie’s tree didn’t cooperate! I think our strangely rainy and cool extended spring and very short summer have wreaked havoc with the crop. I was reduced to actually buying plums from the supermarket.


These are the biggest Italian prune plums (Damsons) that I’ve ever seen. But they’re the same variety I always use. The inside is greenish yellow, as usual.


And the jam is reddish purple, as usual!


Since I had the water bath canner out, I made another batch of blueberry lime jam, too, using our blueberries from the freezer. This time it set up a lot better than my previous batch.

In other news, my rose is blooming.


And I’m teaching at Twisted this Wednesday evening and next, intro to circular knitting/basic hats. If you’re ready to break out of your straight needle beginnings and move to the next step, contact Twisted to register!

Knitting continues. I’m flying along on the BSJ. I love knitting garter stitch because it’s so good for multi-tasking; I usually watch a movie or read. It’s hard to get the book to stay open to the right page without using my hands, though. Luckily for me, DH gave me a Kindle for my birthday. (In addition to the rose planting!)


Do you multi-task while knitting, too?