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Thursday at Sock Summit 2011

Classes began Thursday morning, but I didn’t have one until the afternoon. In the morning I helped Lorajean (KnittedWit) take her booth from this


to this. It looks great!


And in the afternoon I had a class: Photographing Your Fiber, with Franklin Habit. A lot of it was basic photography concepts, which rang some bells since I took photography in high school, back when we used *film*. But he also covered lighting techniques and getting to know your camera settings (which I usually avoid, except for white balance), and we got to play with his light box, reflectors, and props. I got my Bling yarn to sparkle a bit in the light box


and I got my beads to sparkle, too. (eta: This is my Pacific Shawl.)


Using a reflector was even better for the beads.


This is what one has to do to get that. (This is not me. She did it first. I copied.)


I asked Franklin if he’d pose with my sheep, Lady Baa-Baa. He was quite obliging, although a bit bemused.



I saw Franklin later after the opening night reception, and gave him Lady Baa-Baa. I thought he deserved it for putting up with strange requests!

The market was open for students for a short time after class. There was quite a line waiting to get in.



But everyone eventually made it in the door, and it was really fun.

I ran into blogger friend Sonia (Peaceful Knitter). She’s going to be opening a yarn store in Corvallis this fall, called Stash. She’s planning to feature local yarn, designers, accessories and artwork. I think I’ll need to make a road trip down there.


I saw Leila at Jenkins Woodworking. She’s the spinner that hooked me into spinning at the last Sock Summit.


Leila thought I needed another Turkish spindle. Maybe the tiny Kuchulu. I told Sonia that I’d get one if she did, figuring I was safe since she doesn’t spin yet. She was delighted by the Kuchulu, and bough one, so that meant that I had to buy one, too. Mutual peer pressure! I was sunk when she told me that it looked like a little Eiffel Tower, my favorite icon. That’s mine on the left; Sonia’s is on the right.


Nadine stopped by the Knitted Wit booth with her Stars and Stripes shawl.


The day ended with the opening day reception. Stephanie and Tina regaled us with stories about how Sock Summit and Sock Summit 2 came to be. There was some flash mob practice (not for me, though!). And lots of showing off of fiber, and playing with new acquisitions.



That was Thursday. I know I’m a day behind, but I have to sleep now! I’ll catch you up soon. I’m having a meet-up at Knitted Wit’s booth (#725) from noon to 1 p.m. on Saturday. We’re having a Zen Rain photo op at 12:30. Hope to see you!