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I’ve got the blues…

And I love them! Blue is my favorite color. I’m still plugging away on the blue Ishbel and the blue Ruffle Tank. And now I’ve won some beautiful blue yarn from Lorajean at Knitted Wit.

blue sky

It’s 400 yards of fingering weight sock yarn, colorway Blue Sky. Lorajean noted that I don’t knit socks, but that’s not completely true. What’s true is that I don’t knit socks with fingering weight yarn! Someday I may. But wouldn’t this blue make a gorgeous scarf or shawl?


I also harvested the first of the blueberries on Sunday when I got home from Carmel. I made blueberry cobbler, and we had it with vanilla ice cream for Father’s Day dessert. It was delicious! While I was picking the berries, I noticed a blue jay on the corner of my roof, with a big fat blueberry in his beak. I think there’s enough for all of us, but that was pretty cheeky of him!

Mitered square, redux

Here’s the second mitered square. Looks just like the first one, except it’s 10 inches (as requested), not 11 inches, on each side. Much better! This picture is truer to the color than yesterday’s post.

square 2

In other news, we had a house finch building a nest in the wreath on our front porch last week.


I was excited to see an egg in the nest. But apparently, Mama Bird got spooked. When she realized that it was a high traffic area, she decided to get out of Dodge. I think she broke the egg and split. See the piece of speckled shell on the left edge of the nest?


We had a nest in the same place a couple years ago; it was sweet to watch the baby birds grow. But it gave the parents a lot of angst with all the comings and goings through the front door. I guess she’ll be nesting in the shrubs instead, but that means no pictures! Here are a couple pix from 2007.

bird babies

We worried when there was one left behind. We named him Louie.

just one left

and rejoiced the next day when he flew away!