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A perfect day

Good friends, a beautiful day, food, wine…perfect!


group shot2


Obligatory knit content: I knit in the car on the way out (no, I wasn’t driving). I’m trying to finish editing a washcloth sampler set that I wrote for a class a couple years ago, and I need pictures of the finished items to include in the pattern. I gave away all the samples as gifts, way back when. So I’m making new ones, but there are six of them, and I’ve only finished two…keep knitting! Still working on the second shetland shawl, too, just have to finish the border, and block it. I need to finish by next knit nite so I can return Helen’s blocking wires to her. A self-imposed deadline. I can’t wait to get these done and start something new. Why is it always faster to knit in our heads, than with our hands?

Falling for falls, all over again (aka Gorge-ous)

Sunday was a beautiful spring day, and my friend Nova was in town from San Diego. We drove out into the Columbia River Gorge to look at waterfalls and wild flowers. I used to take the kids out to the falls to play in the water on hot summer days, but I hadn’t been out there in the past few years. (At ages 20 and 15, it’s just not the same.) It was fun to see the falls through fresh eyes. Wahkeena Falls is my favorite; Wahkeena means most beautiful. Too bad I didn’t bring the camera!

I did have the camera phone, though, and took this picture of Nova at Multnomah Falls:


And I tried to capture the shaft of sunlight coming down the hillside:


But it was much more beautiful in person. I’m so glad Nova came to visit! A perfect afternoon.

I was actually out in the Gorge last weekend, too. I was working at a women’s retreat at Menucha. Lovely, lovely place. Friday night’s sunset was spectacular through low curtain-y clouds. The sun is reflecting off the Columbia River down below.

friday sunset

It snowed Saturday morning! We had a visitor on the back deck during Saturday evening’s song circle:

saturday morning

saturday night guest

The rose garden labyrinth at Menucha is beautiful, and should be finished in a few months. It’s come a long way since we visited last year.

this road

From winter to spring in one week flat! April is an exciting month in Oregon.